Story of Maja

(to protect privacy personal data has been modified)

I’m 42 years old , mother of two children , married and with an occupation I love . A few years ago we moved to a bigger city in Germany. The reason being better career prospects . It was a very exciting time . I progressed professionally, a second child was born to us , it seemed that the decision to travel abroad, was the right one. Then I was offered a dream job in another major city in Germany. I accepted and we moved again .

Here are the trouble began . The collective at the new workplace was great , the baby was healthy, I felt support from my husband but nevertheless, I was myself was constantly tense , unhappy . I wondered how I would manage to meet the expectations of employers. I felt I was incompetent and increasingly started to close up . Uncertainty in me grew . At the same time my oldest son went to school. I had the feeling that I was loosing thr ground beneath my feet.

During this period I had my first panic attacks . I was shocked and convinced that there was something very wrong with me. My job involves a lot of travel. Because of my panic attacks I increasingly started to avoid traveling . Anxiety and feelings of inadequacy were escalating .

Eventually I realized that this could no longer go on . I sought help. Since I did not want to immediately start with pills, I was looking for psychotherapeutic treatment. I visited a few therapists in Germany, but I have found that my language represents a serious obstruction . I searched and found Tjaša conducting psychotherapy in my own language by Skype . This kind of work suits me very much. Although I live in Germany , I can talk to about my problems in my mother tongue and this is a big advantage for me . I feel that I can really be myself in these talks.

Anxiety and associated problems have slowly started to fade away. I have started to travel again, I have become more confident in my work and I don’t stress myself so much anymore . With my lifestyle, therapy by Skype is the ideal solution. It allows me regular sessions and support even when I’m on the road . This gives my a great sense of security, the work with Tjaša is a kind of anchor for me. I’m slowly regaining life back into my own hands.