Psychotherapy for expats

In a world that is becoming increasingly globalized, we travel more and more. We live beyond our original environment. We have partners, friends of other nationalities and cultures. All of this may be an additional source of stress. Many situations open up that need to be dealt with and appropriate answers to these situations found.

Psychotherapy is a subtle process in which language plays a crucial role. So it is very important that we have the opportunity to drive the psychotherapeutic process in our native language or. in the language which is close to us. The key is to find a professional who will be sensitized to cultural differences, the specifics of individual cultural backgrounds, and problems that may arise at the meeting of different cultural contexts.

Intercultural psychotherapy addresses these issues and seeks to support individuals from different cultures (and their partners) in order to develop their full potential in the current cultural environment.

Personally, I have great pleasure in dedicating myself to this mission. I practice psychotherapy or psychological counseling for foreigners in the following languages: Slovenian, English, German, Croatian, Serbian and other languages of former Yugoslavia.

I’m currently working in Ljubljana (SLO) and Graz (A). There is also the possibility of remote counseling by use of live telecommunication such as Skype or phone.